Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


General Questions

When should I have my trash out by?

Our routes start at 7:00AM, we suggest to have your trash out the night before to ensure a timely collection. We always try to run the route the same way every week but due to road conditions your pick up time can vary.


What is the holiday schedule?

Any time a holiday falls on or before your pick up day during the work week, your pick up will be delayed 24 hours. The holidays we observe are New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If a holiday falls on a weekend, your service will not be delayed.


What is the prorated amount on my first bill?

The prorated amount is for the service used from your start date to the beginning of the quarterly billing cycle. We do this to catch you up to our current billing cycle. This will only appear on your first bill.


Can I put my account on vacation hold?

Yes, if you’re gone for 2 weeks or more we can credit the dates you don’t have pick up. Vacation dates must be called in at least 24 hours before your scheduled pick up in able to receive a credit.


Can I pay my Bill on Line?

Yes, there is an Online Bill Payment Option on the top of our menu on the left side of our homepage at


Can I enroll in Auto Pay?

Yes. Please call our office for details. We will process your payment for trash removal service automatically with a credit or debit card. No need for checks, envelopes or stamps. No more pesky little postcards! Just give us a call, it’s that easy.


Can I receive my bill via email?

Yes, please send us an email to request this service!


Recycling Questions

What plastics do we accept?

We accept plastics #1-#7, look at the bottom of the item for the number inside the recycling triangle.


Do you recycle cardboard?

Yes we accept both corrugated cardboard and single ply cardboard. Boxes must be cut down into pieces smaller than 2’ x 2’ so they will fit on the conveyer belts at the recycling center.


Do labels and caps need to be removed for recycling?

No, labels and caps no longer have to be removed for the item to be recycled. Please crush up plastic bottles to save room in your recycling bin.


Why can’t large pieces of Styrofoam be recycled?

Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) is the only “Styrofoam” that is acceptable and it must have a #6 printed on it (i.e. meat trays, egg cartons, etc). All other kinds of Styrofoam will not be accepted at the recycling center because the logistics of delivering large amounts of Styrofoam to a secondary market is fiscally impossible. Due to Styrofoam being made up of 98% air, they can’t load enough up in a truck to offset the transportation costs.


What if I have more recycling than what fits in my bin?

If you overflow the bin additional recycling material can be set out in clear plastic bags or brown paper bags.


Where is the City of Novi recycling drop off site?

The City of Novi recycling drop off center is located at 26300 Delwal, Novi, MI, 48375.


Yard Waste Questions

Why can’t I put yard waste in with the trash?

Section 11514 of Part 115, Solid Waste Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, prohibits a person from delivering to a landfill for disposal, and a landfill owner or operator, from permitting the disposal in a landfill, more than a de minimis amount of yard clippings, unless they are diseased or infested.


Garden waste and anything purchased in a plant form is not considered yard waste and can be disposed of with your normal trash.


Why can’t I put compost in plastic bags?

Plastic is a serious contaminant for composting.  All the compostable material is ground into fine pieces.  Plastic is not compostable and will not break down in the composting process. Plastic bags that claim to be compostable will cause containments for the processed materials end user and are not accepted.


Can I put dirt in my yard waste?

Dirt is not considered to be yard waste and should not be placed in yard waste bags. Remember not to overload the cart, cans or bags with dirt.


What size of bundles should I set out for yard waste?

Please bundle the branches with natural twine in bundles that do not exceed 5’ in length and small enough to wrap your arms around. Please do not make bundles wider than what you could fit your arms around. Do not use any wire or plastic ties.


Disposal Questions

What can’t I put in my trash?

We cannot accept; tires, yard waste commingled with trash, large amounts of concrete, items that are longer than 5’ in length, Hazardous Waste, refrigerated items containing Freon, medical waste, lead acid batteries, asbestos, and other items that are not accepted at the landfill.


Do I have to call ahead for a bulky item pick up?

No, just set out your bulky item on any regular trash day and we’ll take it away. Items must be broken down into pieces that are smaller than 5’ in length and it must be light enough for two men to lift. See for charges associated with the disposal of bulky items.


How do I dispose of paint?

Paint must be completely dried up before we can take it. Please add an absorbent such as kitty litter to paint cans to help dry up any unused paint and set the cans out next to your trash can with the lid off. The EPA does not allow us to haul liquids, but as long as the paint is dry, no problem.


How do I dispose of concrete?

We can accept a small amount of concrete that has been broken up and bagged in contractor bags with a max of 25 lbs. Please do not put concrete in your cart or in cans. For large amounts of concrete give our office a call and we can deliver a roll-off to haul it away.


How do I dispose of a refrigerator?

Due to federal law all appliances containing Freon are banned from landfills. The Freon must be removed and captured by a certified technician who will put a sticker on your appliance after the Freon is removed. Once this sticker is on the appliance we are allowed to take it for you.  Just set it out on your normally scheduled pick up day. Additional costs will apply.


How do I dispose of tires?

Section 11514 of Part 115, Solid Waste Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, prohibits a person from delivering to a landfill for disposal, and a landfill owner or operator, from permitting the disposal in a landfill tires. Tires are accepted for disposal at Wal-Mart or any tire dealer for a small fee.


How do I dispose of windows?

Windows can be set out with your regular trash on your normal pick up day. Windows that are longer than 5’ in length must have the glass broken out of them before we can take them in our truck. Anything longer than 5’ will not fit into the truck without dropping broken glass on the road


What should I do with broken glass or mirrors?
For yours and our driver’s safety, please wrap broken glass and mirrors in newspaper before placing it in the trash.


Where can I get rid of hazardous waste?

Check with your township, city or county to find out information on Household Hazardous Waste drop off events located near your community.


Cart and Bin Questions

What should I do if my Cart is broken?

Please contact the office and we will schedule a date to switch out your broken cart with a new one.


What should I do if my Bin is broken?

Please contact the office and we will schedule a date to switch out your broken bin with a new one.

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